Mission and Vision

Our mission

East Africa’s leading logistics solutions provider committed to three core principles:


The integration of the most advanced technology within the logistics sector to provide reliable, efficient and transparent service delivery


Training and delivering a team of respected industry experts able to navigate the logistics sector and address individual client requirements


Building enduring client relationships through professionalism, trust and a dedicated approach to problem solving and communication

Our vision

We provide reliable, efficient and technology driven logistics solutions that drive business development and economic growth across East Africa

Core Values
Growth and Inclusion

Our employees are more than just staff members, they are our family. As one does with family, we create an inclusive and supportive culture that provides individuals with opportunities for personal and professional growth. We ensure that our employees are equipped with the necessary tools and guidance to develop essential interpersonal skills whilst providing them with the opportunity to attain professional growth within the company through training and education. This allows individuals to acquire further qualifications that open up increased responsibility and opportunity. Our family remains consistently motivated because they are treated with the utmost respect and given appropriate and effective communication to ensure they are valued, appreciated and recognized. This culture of inclusivity has created a united team that is committed to our shared goals.


Enduring Relationships

Trust is at the core of our business and we understand its critical importance at every step of the supply chain. It is with this promise of trust, allied with transparency and integrity, we build and maintain our client relationships and deliver our operations and services. We ensure the time and energy of our team, and the expenses of our clients are always used appropriately and effectively through our trusted people on the ground solving issues and by providing open and consistent communication. This is what defines the relationships we hold with our clients and we pride ourselves on the stability and enduring nature of those relationships.

Passion and Process

Our clients matter to us more than anything and we are dedicated to providing timely, efficient and secure outcomes every time. We recognize that utilizing the most modern technology allows us to achieve this goal and we are passionately committed to streamlined and proficient procedures and process underpinned by technology. By placing this approach central to our operations, we seek to not only provide the best working practices for our team and clients, but also be positioned amongst the market leaders in technology integration and delivery.


Community and Sustainability

Through our quality of service and dedication to deliver for our clients, we establish and maintain a loyal client base with a strong sense of community and togetherness. We understand the importance of being close to our clients; making them feel valued and giving them the attention they want and deserve. We take a high-touch approach defined by consistent availability and open communication channels that allow us to resolve issues expediently for our clients. Through this approach we ensure we build secure, lasting business relationships whilst, crucially, maintaining the appropriate and necessary professionalism within those relationships. We also prioritizes sustainable business practices and the responsible use of resources in our day-to-day operations helping to protect the environment around us and minimizes our footprint.