Warehousing & Distribution


To support our broad service delivery and maintain the quality of our output we boast robust storage facilities in both Nairobi and Mombasa. These can be customized to individual clients and provide distribution capabilities that allow clients to maintain a distribution network that is flexible, responsive, and efficient.

We understand the challenges of warehousing and distribution in East Africa. We focus on acting as an integral part of a client’s organization, helping to drive their success and profitability and positioning General Cargo Services as the preferred logistics partner.

Why Choose Us

No matter the nature of goods we offer warehousing that can be customized to meet specific needs. We provide dedicated warehouse services for single operations where 100% of the resources are committed to running your operation and shared warehousing for clients that have low volumes, uncertain demand or seasonal operational fluctuations.

We have the experience and capacity to manage complex distribution chains from the point of docking to the end user. We work to remove the burden of time-consuming logistics, allowing clients to focus on their core business. These services range from fully dedicated distribution centers to warehousing services that meet smaller, shorter term requirements for flex space. Through our extensive knowledge of local markets we work with clients to design their networks and ensure a seamless process.

Expertise and Capabilities

  • We maintain 25,000sqft of warehouse space in Nairobi and 10,000sqft in Mombasa alongside 1.5 acres of yard also in Mombasa and strategic partnerships with yards across Nairobi.
  • We maintain partner offices in South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia. These partnerships provide us with access to vetted transportation, warehousing and storage facilities enabling us to deliver the same quality of service across the region
  • Optimizing cost of operation, distribution processes and lead times
  • Reducing inventory lag time by sequencing the in-and-out flow of commodities with manufacturing schedules
  • Bespoke distribution logistics services designed for your specific requirement to provide flexibility and scalability
  • Supply chain management offers excellent inventory management, infrastructural support, and large storage
  • Strict adherence, awareness and commitment to safety rules
  • Managing the flow (and return) of containers and packaging/repackaging so clients can focus on production[